What To Do When Your iPhone 6 Flashlight Not Working _ Logic Board Repair

Follow this guide to fix the flashlight not working on iPhone 6.This guide offers you a very detailed logic board repair solution of the problems which the iPhone 6 flashlight is not working. Now let's follow the leads to find out what is the real cause of it.

iPhone 6 Flashlight Not Working Example:

iPhone 6 flashlight and flash are not working, If your iPhone 6 camera is not working, you can find the logic board repair solution from another article "What To Do When Your iPhone 6 Camera Not Working". If there are some camera failure in your iPhone 6, you can get the hardware solution from article"How to Fix Camera Failure on iPhone 6_CPU Repair"

Failure Phenomenon:

It is found that the flashlight is not working in the iPhone 6 and it is informed that the flash IC was burnt whenever a new flash IC was replaced during former repairing, what's more, is it also informed that there was a short circuit on the line into the CPU, the CPU was broken.

Maintenance Procedures:

The flash is failed to be turned on after booting, remove the motherboard and it is found that there is no flash chip,observed under the microscope and found that bonding pad of the flash chip had dropped several points.The location of the pad is shown in Pic 4-65. It is informed that no flash chip has been installed since last repair.

iPhone 6_flashlight_not_working_4_65

Pic 4-65 Flash chip pad position

Counting carefully under the microscope, it is found that there are eight pads lost. It should be caused by the previous repair when removed the CPU (the previous repairman was worried that the temperature is too high to blow up the CPU and pried the chips forcedly which caused the damage.)
Checking the sheet and found that the dots lost including the ground wire, the power supply of the LED1 lamp, and the point where the flash chip lifts the foot, as shown in Pic 4-66. The keep burning flash chip is caused by the dropped dots of the chip, this signal in suspending state would cause the burning of the flash chip when booting.

iPhone 6_flashlight_not_working_4_66

Pic 4-66 U1602 Annotation of Dropped Points

Making up the dropped points under the microscope and cure the insulation by green oil, then install the flash chip, it is shown in Pic 4-67.

iPhone 6_flashlight_not_working_4_67

Pic 4-67 Flash Chip Wiring and Welding

After assembling, test the iPhone 6 and the flashlight works well, the iPhone has been fixed succesfully.

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